David Kain on BDC departments
How to control your store's data
How to have a positive outlook

The VP of sales for UnityWorks, Phil Sura, discusses how you can leverage pre-roll videos at your dealership.

Today's DealerSocket Dealer of the Day is Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

With July's sales totals reporting tomorrow with an anticipated SAAR of 16.7-16.9 million, it appears that the industry is on pace for the best year since 2006.

Search strategies vary based on your dealership's goals and objectives, the competitiveness of your local market and your overall marketing plan.

Millennials’ relationship with automotive brands and their car-shopping process.

David Kain explains why your dealership needs a BDC department.

Grant Cardone gives his "never break" rules to negotiating with customers.

Dealers are looking to impact the bottom line profitability of their dealership, and no department can impact the bottom line as quickly as the Finance & Insurance department.

DealerVault's Steve Cottrell discusses using data at your dealership.

Dealers explain how recalls have driven sales and customer retention to record highs.

Ways to promote your store's brand through service reviews.

Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Jon Gordon discusses the benefits of a positive outlook.

Total and retail light-vehicle sales in July 2014 are expected to reach their highest levels for the month since 2006.

How a few more customer data points or a little more performance analysis can make the difference between a good sales week and a great one.

Dad says Southwest removed him from flight over Twitter gripe.

The recent CBT News "On Location" vendor profile takes you inside AutoTrader.com's headquarters.

The leasing boom and recent surge is helping power U.S. overall dealership sales.

Mark Tewart discusses the series of very small and simple things that add up over the sales process and lead to a sale.

3 Habits That Make You a Better Salesperson (Or Boss)

Grant Cardone talks about the ins and outs to recruiting and retaining salespeople at your store.

Showroom research spurs additional dealership visits.

Dale Pollak discusses the four best practices for dealers looking to pick up the pace of sales and profitability in their used vehicle ops.

GM’s Mary Barra is projected to report her second straight quarter of rising sales while dealing with the biggest wave of recalls in US automotive history.

AutoNation's President and COO, Mike Maroone, talks with CBT News Founder and CEO, Jim FItzpatrick.

Here are 3 ways you can get more referral business and sales.

A well-designed website can help SEO efforts, increase conversion rates, and improve interactionwith site visitors.

AutoNation’s Mike Jackson talks to Jim Fitzpatrick, Founder of CBT News, about his company’s plans to streamline the buying process.

DealerSocket's four week guide to landing the sale.

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