The value of training at your store
"Forgotten gold" for dealership sales
The certified preowned process

Joe Shuster, Dealer Principal for Honda of Downtown LA, discusses the gamble he made three years ago and the payoff he is seeing today.


A look at the different ways you can help your customer's path to purchase with your vehicle search result page.


Automakers begin to increase production again as sales reach near record highs.


Grant Cardone joins the show to answer an important question as a part of CBT's "Ask the Pros."

One expert gives his insight on what to do with your downtime to build your customer base.

A look at the characteristics that make up a great phone system at your dealership.

President of Referral Coach International, Bill Cates, discusses the "forgotten gold" when it comes to your dealership's sales.

August was a record-setting month for dealership sales and a new forecast provides an idea of how September will fair.

How AutoNation is planning to differentiate themselves with a new partnership.

EasyCare Chairman, Larry Dorfman, and Ricart Automotive's Rick Ricart discuss the certified preowned process with CBT News Founder, Jim Fitzpatrick. insight explains why compact SUVs may just be the hottest market for shoppers.

PCG Digital Marketing takes a look at some of Google's recent insight into automotive market trends. President, Steve Munyan, joins the show to discuss the recruiting process for a great salesperson.

AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson, and Audi North America President, Scott Keogh, discuss the new $21 million Orlando Audi store.

Dale Pollak explains the 3 reasons why a front-end focused strategy falls short in used vehicles.

CBT News Founder and CEO, Jim Fitzpatrick interviews Executive VP and CFO for the newly-formed Cox Automotive Group, Dallas Clement.

Looking to build the future of your store? Look no further than the talent you are recruiting.

Massive demand for green vehicles is not translating into sales- here's why.

NADA VP of Public Affairs, Jonathan Collegio, discusses what the impact on auto lending guidance by the CFPB could be.

What is happening in Washington between the NADA and the CFPB.

How your dealership can tackle and capitalize on tier one advertising investments during football season.

Autosoft Senior VP of Business Development, Chris Morris, discusses what to look for in a DMS provider.

There must be checks and balances in place in any business to keep the employees honest.

Why truck and SUV sales are leading the way at dealerships nationwide.

Digital Marketing Specialist, April Rain, discusses the marketing balance that your dealership needs.

Where a value folder can be integrated into the sales process to increase success.

Joe Verde answers a viewer submitted question as a part of our "Ask The Pros" segment.

Sales and Motivational Speaker, Jim Cathcart, discusses how to take a 10-car-a-month salesperson to 18 and beyond.

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