Recruiting women for your sales team
How RFID technology helps sales
Building your own sales brand

Employee Engagement Speaker and Author, Chad Carden, discusses how you can recharge your sales team.

Steer clear of these five things, and you will set yourself up for sales success.

TrueCar Forecasts Automotive SAAR to Hit 16.6 Million in August.

Bridget Everett gives you a sneak peek of what to expect from the Labor Day Weekend edition of CBT News!

Fiat of Austin GM, Lisa Copeland, joins the show to discuss recruiting saleswomen to your dealership.

A new report reveals another all-time industry record on pace to be broken in 2014.

How one Michigan Chrysler service center is creating a model for other dealerships to follow when it comes to finding new talent.

My Dealer Lot CEO George Cresto explains how RFID technology can increase sales at your dealership.

Which portal works best for your car dealership? Is your focus in line with the portal your customers prefer to use?

The key traits you need to be looking for in your next salesperson that can't be taught.

Personal Brand Strategist Renee Stuart joins the show to discuss building your own brand as a salesperson.

We look at some sales projections for the month of August from J.D. Power.

Cox Automotive President Sandy Schwartz explains why used car profits are so high for dealers.

J.D. Power’s Arianne Walker talks about what to expect from October’s Auto Marketing Roundtable Event.

Whether you're in sales service or F&I, being an approachable manager is one of the most important keys to your department's production.

New data shows why dealerships are refining their pitch to women car shoppers.

AAA is projecting that 34.7 million Americans will travel during the Labor Day holiday weekend.

Selling Power CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner, talks about what it takes to be successful in today's selling environment.

To buy, or not to buy: that is the question … but maybe the better question is: “What are the top four things Used Car Inventory Managers rely on to purchase the right vehicles?”

August is typically one of the best times to look for a car deal, but high demand and lower interest rates are changing that this year.

Grant Cardone explains what a manager should do when a former salesperson is back looking for their old job.

Ways that the "Tie-Down" questioning technique is effective when closing sales.

A new study shows that mobile app users become more frequent visitors to dealership service departments, visiting nearly 50% more often than non-app users.

PCG Consulting's Brian Pasch discusses how you can sift through and make sense of big data in today's marketplace.

Work smarter, not harder: getting the most out of your Labor Day campaigns.

Car shopper confidence is strong and one industry analyst says it's driving the overall economic confidence in Americans.

Dominion Dealer Solutions VP of Operations George Nenni discusses the content your social media sites need.

DARCARS Automotive Group VP Tammy Darvish explains what's driving consumers to dealerships.

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