Making sense of data at your dealership
Effective social media content
Latest auto buyer influence study

Bridget Everett gives you a sneak peek of what to expect in tomorrow's show.

Grant Cardone explains what a manager should do when a former salesperson is back looking for their old job.

Ways that the "Tie-Down" questioning technique is effective when closing sales.

A new study shows that mobile app users become more frequent visitors to dealership service departments, visiting nearly 50% more often than non-app users.

PCG Consulting's Brian Pasch discusses how you can sift through and make sense of big data in today's marketplace.

Work smarter, not harder: getting the most out of your Labor Day campaigns.

Car shopper confidence is strong and one industry analyst says it's driving the overall economic confidence in Americans.

Dominion Dealer Solutions VP of Operations George Nenni discusses the content your social media sites need.

DARCARS Automotive Group VP Tammy Darvish explains what's driving consumers to dealerships.

How you can change your goals from conventional metrics to personal checkpoints. Vice President of research and market intelligence, Isabelle Helms, talks about the latest auto buyer influence study.

For the first time ever, the total balance of auto loans has exceeded $900 billion dollars as favorable auto lending credit trends continue in 2014.

What important is not whether you make mistakes (we all do that) but what you learn from the experience.

Training Manager for, Ed Woelfle, discusses the impact of showrooming.

Your collision repair shop website is one of the strongest tools you can use towards building a successful lead acquisition strategy.

What one Toyota executive believes is driving the force behind this year's sales.

What needs to be assessed before implementing a BDC at your dealership?

A new study shows the impact online video ads can have at your store and the evidence is staggering.

The benefits of branding yourself as a salesperson and how it impacts sales.

Whether it's the trip back to college, a last-minute Labor Day escape or an end-of-summer getaway, Americans find that August is a great time to hit the road.

Auto/Mate President and CEO Mike Esposito talks about the move to a new DMS.

This technique will get your sales emails opened, but it better have content that's worth the effort.

Customers can’t buy what they don’t know is for sale. They also won’t buy what they don’t believe will benefit them.

Sales trainer, Grant Cardone, joins the show to discuss handling phone leads and closing over the phone.

Digital retailing is not a new concept, but here are three keys to staying ahead of the retail transformation from in store to digital.

Kelley Blue Book's Karl Brauer examines Ford's July U.S. auto sales and how subprime loans are impacting the overall auto landscape.

NIADA EVP, Scott Lilja, explains the impact of record new car sales on the pre-owned market.

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson explains what the boom in pickup truck sales means for the overall economy.

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