Selling a used car to a new car buyer
Asking vs. selling to a customer
DealerSocket's "We Are Automotive"

Sonic Automotive's Jeff Dyke and Sanjay Prakash discuss one-price, no-haggle selling.


How your store can capitalize on the three opportunities you have to sell in the service drive during a visit.

A look at the NADA's reaction to possible new legislation reforms to the CFPB.

Grant Cardone explains how to sell a used car to a new car buyer.

Steps your dealership can take right away to stop regulatory actions before they even start.

How one dealership is recruiting their next generation of employees online.


Chip Eichelberger joins the show to discuss salespeople mindsets.

David Kain of Kain Automotive explains what to say to a customer when the vehicle they want is no longer available.

Why Grant Cardone believes your survival hinges on how quickly you can follow up on internet leads.

DealerSocket's Jonathan Ord and Brandon Piersant discuss "We Are Automotive."

Record blue sky values are setting up 2014 to be a record year in buy/sell activity, according to one expert.

New-vehicle buyers who spend the most time shopping online also visit the most dealerships.

Former basketball star and motivational speaker, Walter Bond discusses the parallels between the best athletes and salespeople.

Dataium's latest online automotive traffic benchmarks show how customer's interact with your store online.

A new study shows how consumers sift through more advertising messages than ever before to find the right dealership to buy from.

Ricart Automotive GM, Rick Ricart, discusses the company's historic August sales.

NCM Institute provides a few ways you can build a solid contingency plan for the unknown at your dealership.

AutoNation's CEO, Mike Jackson, discusses August sales and what's ahead for the gropu and the overall industry.

Some timeless nuggets of wisdom that can help you sell--and a request to send or post your own favorite quotes.

Auto Spin USA CEO, Harry Siskind, discusses how you can take your dealership's presence to new heights.

What new data from Dealertrack means for your digital advertising strategy.

Not closing sales? Look to these 5 mistakes.

Raceway Ford Sales Manager, Mike Correra, explains how his store turns social media networking into sales.


Experian's latest state of the auto finance market report shows which lending segment is at an all-time high.

What seems to have been driving the overwhelming sales momentum at dealerships across the nation this summer.

Georgia one of the most electric-car-friendly states in the U.S., but it is also the latest place where dealers are trying to block Tesla Motors from selling cars directly to consumers. Senior Analyst, Jessica Caldwell, goes inside the sales totals from August.

Here are some keys to holding pre-owned margins in today's digital marketplace.

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